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    About Us

    About Us

    Hunan Huangjindong Mining Industry Co., Ltd., originally known as Hunan Huangjindong Gold Mine, is located in Huangjindong Town, Pingjiang County, Hunan Province. The company is an old mine with more than 400 years of production history and the comprehensive production capacity of mining and selecting of 1000 tons/day. Its main products include gold, tungsten, and stibium. It is a provincial state-owned key gold mine. Its gold output ranks second in Hunan province. The company has advanced technical advantage in high-arsenic and high-sulfur refractory gold processing and is one of the largest manufacturers of high-arsenic and high-sulfur refractory gold processing in China.

    The company makes full use of technical advantages, seizes historical chances, actively occupies resource markets, enlarges business scale, and establishes the production base of mining, selecting, and smelting. In August 2006, the company established Hunan Zhongnan Gold Smelting Co., Ltd. in Pingjiang County with China National Gold Group. Hunan Zhongnan Gold Smelting Co., Ltd. will be the largest high-tech modern gold smelting enterprise of high-arsenic gold concentration treatment in the Zhongnan region. In June 2007, the company established and integrated a new selecting and selecting branch—Hunan Huangjindong Dawan Mining Industry Co., Ltd. in Pingjiang County.

    The company adheres to lawful operation, and pays taxes in accordance with laws. The taxes and profits are increased year by year. In 2006, the company became the largest tax payer in Pingjiang County. It attaches great importance to environmental protection, strives to build an eco-friendly and resource-saving enterprise, returns to the society positively, and gives great support to the construction of a harmonious society and new socialist countryside. The company focuses on Pingjiang County, expands to the country, takes the production base of Pingjiang County as base, integrates resource, undertakes internal restructuring, and has complementary advantages, so as to become a listing company within 2 to 3 years, and creates a gold enterprise aircraft carrier of Pingjiang and even Hunan.

    In April 2006, with the approval of Hunan People’s Government, the company established Hunan Jinxin Gold Group in cooperation with Hunan Chenzhou Mining Industry Co., Ltd. and Hunan Xinlong Mining Industry Co., Ltd. The new company brings new opportunity and challenge for the development and production of the company.

    The company puts forward the development strategic policy of “Focus on Mining Industry, Enlarge Scale, Make In-depth Development, Become Stronger and Larger”, adheres to the spirit of “Innovative, Progressive, Harmonious, Dedicated”, promotes the management concept of “People-oriented, Develop Gold Industry with Technology, Fine Management, Focus on Implementation”, adheres to the employment principle of “Fair, Impartial, Transparent, Competitive”, puts forward the slogan of “if the enterprise does not eliminate pollution, the pollution will eliminate the enterprise”, pays high attention to secure and eco-friendly production, pursues the harmonious coexistence of the enterprise and the people, the enterprise and the society, as well as the enterprise and the nature, makes common development, focuses on the filed of high-arsenic refractory gold mine, makes full use of technological and management advantages, enhances the core competitiveness, and realizes new leapfrog development.