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    Chairman’s Speech

    Chairman’s Speech

    Welcome to visit our website, and thanks for your concern and support for our company.

    Hunan Huangjindong Mining Industry Co., Ltd. is originally known as Hunan Huangjindong Gold Mine, which is a gold manufacturer with hundreds of years of production history. Established in the Late Ming Dynasty and Early Qing Dynasty, it ranked first in Top 4 Gold Mines in Hunan Province at one time and the major production base of high-arsenic and high-sulfur refractory gold mine. It was transformed to a state-owned enterprise in 2001. In 2006, it established Hunan Jinxin Gold Group with Hunan Chenzhou Mining Industry Co., Ltd. and Hunan Xinlong Mining Industry Co., Ltd., and became one of the major wholly-owned subsidiaries of Hunan Jinxin Gold Group. At present, it develops into a gold mine production enterprise with the comprehensive production capacity of mining, selecting and smelting of 1000 tons/day.

     The company promotes the spirit of “Innovative, Progressive, Harmonious, Dedicated”, adheres to the development strategic policy of “Focus on Mining Industry, Enlarge Scale, Make In-depth Development, Become Stronger and Better”, promotes the management concept of “People-oriented, Develop Gold Industry with Technology, Fine Management, Focus on Implementation”, adheres to the employment principle of “Fair, Impartial, Transparent, Competitive”, actively occupies mining resource markets, enlarges management scope, looks for partners, enhances industry competitiveness by making full use of the core competitiveness of high-arsenic gold selecting and smelting, and realizes the sustainable development.

    The company owns an excellent management team and a dedicated staff team, who are dedicated to achieving ideal and value, pursue the enterprise development, make effort to realize the harmony and prosperity of the society, and cultivate the spirit of “Cautious, Conscientious, Pragmatic, Pioneering, Innovative”. Huangjindong people will face the future with better team spirit, work hard as always, make improvement, and return to the society and the public giving supporting to the company with better results.

    Look into the future, there will be more opportunities and rigid challenge for us. We must be more modest, work harder, make constant efforts to achieve modernization, professionalization, and large scale, face new challenge, and create new brilliance.

    We wish to make extensive cooperation with the friends at home and abroad, make common development, achieve reciprocity and mutual benefit, and create a beautiful future.

    Chairman: Feng Xiangping